The 7 Best Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cheat Sheets of 2018

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Are you a noob and find yourself looking for tool shortcuts the whole time? Isn’t it frustrating not just knowing everything – and doing the job takes double the time it would. Luckily the web is flooded with all types of resources where noobs and experts alike can find little tips and tricks and even cheat sheets on how to master software in seconds.

The software is updated frequently, and keeping up-to-date with all the latest developments can become frustrating when you need to focus on getting work done. That is why we have done the legwork for you, we’ve scoured the web and found some of the very best resources of tips and how-to’s, and a whole lot of cheat sheets.

In this post we list 7 of the very best cheat sheet resources for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, just to make your life a little easier. These cheat sheets have been compiled by expert Adobe Photoshop Lightroom specialists and, wait for it, we even feature one cheat sheet compiled by Adobe.

Let’s get started and you well on your way to mastering Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


If you need some help with anything code or design, this is a great resource. Cheatography has loads of cheat sheets available to download. Here, we’ve found two separate sheets for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom that focuses on the tricky shortcuts that will make the difference when you are busy editing an epic photo for an awesome website.


Yes, Adobe loves sharing hints and tips to its loyal customers and clients. We’ve found an awesome easy to use, downloadable cheat sheet that will definitely help you with your editing and design skills in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in no-time.

SLR Lounge

This website is an amazing resource for anything Adobe Photoshop related questions you might have. Some neat tips and tricks with awesome tutorials, this is any photo editors heaven. Here we have found unique Adobe cheat sheets that will guide you whether you are on an iOS device or using Microsoft. Very handy!

First Site Guide

Even though it is an Adobe Photoshop cheat sheet only, this resource is super handy and easy to understand, anyone can use it! Whether you are only starting out in Photoshop, or have been using it for years, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two when using this helpful cheat sheet. The sheet is organized for quick reference, so you will be able to find whatever you need in a hurry.


Are you a complete newbie and need someone to take your hand and guide you all the way? This resource is definitely one for you! Even though it is not illustrated, the cheats are explained in easy-to-follow instructions, your 3-year-old would be able to become a Photoshop pro!


For a complete Adobe cheat guide, this is the best resource out there, we bet! As a designer, you are probably using a wide range of Adobe products including Illustrator, InDesign, and so on. On these cheat sheets that they sourced from you will find cheats and shortcodes for almost all Adobe’s software products, for Mac and Microsoft.


This resource focuses on educating photographers, photo editors and designers and so on. This may not be a cheat sheet per se, but what a guide! Here you will learn 10 quick and easy tips and tricks that you simply cannot live without in your day-to-day using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

We hope that you have found these resources very helpful or at least interesting. Perhaps you will be able to use them for other things in and around your office.

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Enjoy testing out your new skills on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom!

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