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20seven Is Revived and on Octopress

For those of you who have this site in their feed readers (what’s that?) and saw some updates today it’s because I’m reviving the site.
I moved the site to Rackspace last week in a hurry and took the old Movable Type down. This is now running on Octopress, a fantastic static site generator. Sorry for the ugly design. That will be fixed very soon. For now it’s back up and running and should be working ok. If you run into any issues, please ping me on twitter and let me know.

I’ll be doing a post this weekend on my experiences with Octopress. So far I’m very pleased. I also have a few more posts lined up to include an old Emacs article I wrote for Python mag for the one person who may read it.

I’m still keeping my other site gregnewman.org up for my illustration side. I found mixing the two (code and art) doesn’t work.