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Emacs Series

I am going to attempt to participate in the National November Writer’s Month with Eric Florenzano, Eric Holscher, Brian Rosner, Justin Lilly and James Tauber. I’m going into this daunting experiment with a mostly positive attitude. (I think i can…) We’ll see.

I’ve never done a series here on 20seven before so over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a six part series on GNU emacs as my development environment. I’ll be mixing in some posts on art and photography as well as Django related posts so bear with me.
Here’s what to expect in the Emacs Series:

Part One: Distraction Free Programming with GNU Emacs
Comparing emacs to great distraction free apps like Writeroom and Aperture and how to manage your windows.

Part Two: Emacs Terminal Emulator
Never have to switch between terminal and emacs and how to set this up.

Part Three: Dired Directory Management
A quick comparison of Dired and ECB and how to make Dired work for you.

Part Four: Setting up Emacs for Python Programming
How to setup your emacs configs for Python using Rope, Ropemacs and YaSnippet for code completion, tags and Python docs.

Part Five: SCM in Emacs
An overview of SCM and it’s capabilities in emacs.

Part Six: Search and Replace
Just what it says.

Now, let’s hope I can pull this off and I wish my friends luck with their blogs as well!

[Update: i’ve made my dotemacs available in case anyone wants to take a peek. Suggestions are welcome]