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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cheat Sheets

On the heels of providing my Aperture Cheat Sheets, I didn’t want to leave out my friends who are using Lightroom to manage their photographs. I’ve made up a set of cheat sheets for Lightroom using my copy of Lightroom 1.3 for the Mac. I’m going to call this a beta release of the cheat sheets because I don’t use Lightroom daily like I do Aperture. The sheets are made for Mac users in mind, simply because I do not have Lightroom for the PC and don’t know if there is any differences in the shortcuts. If you’re a PC user and can help verify this and want to help me make up a set for PC, let me know.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cheat Sheets

Making shortcut cheat sheets for Lightroom is a little harder than it was for Aperture simply because of the different views available for the application (develop, print, etc.). Each view modifies the menus and shortcuts somewhat, so what I’ve tried to do is reduce replication of the shortcuts and have provided some specific groupings for any items that seem to change per view.

Download the Mac cheat sheets.

Download the Windows cheat sheets.

Included is a widescreen desktop image and a pdf for printing.

If you find a error or think I need to make a change, let me know asap so I can recompile the shortcuts. I’d also like to hear how helpful these are. I hope it boosts productivity!

Update: The windows version of the cheat sheets are now available above.