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BBEdit Clippings
A set of clippings for Django for use with BBEdit

Geektools Python Gmail Script
A python script for use in terminal or geektools to return the count of unread emails.

My Dot Emacs

Emacs mode to clip from the buffer and create a paste with it at dpaste.com; afterwhich the url is return to the killring in emacs.

Django Seamoss
A simple CMS app for use within your Django projects.

I spend a lot of time with a great group of programmers working on the Pinax Project which is an open-source collection of re-usable apps for the Django Web Framework.

Cloud27 is a demonstration of what Pinax can do out-of-the-box but is also a rapidly growing social network in its own right with many more features to come. While it’s in early beta and there is a lot of work to do to finish off the site, I’ve had a great time contributing the design and logo for C27.

In my need to provide my clients with a ‘simple’ shopping cart that’s agile enough to customize quickly and pluggable enough to add to existing Django projects I have started the Scofield Project. To stick with the Jazz theme the Scofield Project is appropriately named after the Master Jazz Guitarist John Scofield.


  • Nested Categories
  • Manufacturers
  • Multiple images per product with thumbnails and effects using sorl-thumbnail
  • Wishlist
  • Tagging
  • Threaded Comments for products
  • Products model is a abstract class allowing you to easily extend the fields


  • Django-Tagging
  • Django-ThreadedComments
  • Sorl-thumbnail
  • Django-Debug_toolbar (optional)

A set of template tags for Django projects. Use the cachebuster tag_helpers to ensure the browswers are not caching your css or javascript edits. Using the template tags will return a full css or javascript tag with the filename and a sha1 string appended based on the name of the file and the edit date of the file. When the file is changed the hash is also updated.

A Django pluggable Document Library with FTP, S3 or local file storage for uploaded documents. Other features to be implemented are:

  • Multiple Libraries
  • Categories
  • Tagging of documents
  • Reporting, document view counts and who viewed documents

Atheneum is currently in development and should be completed soon.


Photoshop Lightroom Cheat Sheets
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Cheat Sheets

Apple Aperture Cheat Sheets
Aperture Cheat Sheets