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How to Fake-snyc Address Book With Your Samsung Phone

I recently upgraded my mobile phone to the new Samsung SYNC SGH-A707. Unfortunately, iSync doesn’t support Samsung. Since there seems to be alot of Samsung-Mac users having issues, here is how I get my Macbook Pro to share address book entries with the phone. Yes, it’s a hack, not a true sync but it works great.

  1. Go download vCard Splitter 2.6 and install it.
  2. From Address book, select the entries you want to send to your phone and export them as a vCard.
  3. Open vCard Splitter and tell it where your exported vCard is located. It will automagically create individual vCards from your exported entry ready for your phone.
  4. From your bluetooth connections, choose ‘send file’ and select all of the vCards that vCard Splitter created.

You should now see your entries on your phone. Hope this helps someone. If anyone knows of a way to get this phone to work with iCal, please let me know. I’m still searching for that answer.