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Typo Svn Update

I updated Busyashell to the latest trunk this evening with only a few minor flaws.

If you run the command svn udpate from your Typo directory (provided you’re running from subversion) and you get the following error while trying to get to your admin settings, a restart of your fcgi process will fix the problem.

The error in my production log was:

undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass

The other issue I had was that MySQL connections were dropping when trying to create this article. Saving existing articles worked fine. I updated my rails gem and mysql gem, restarted the apache process and everything seems to be working now. I don’t think the rails update was necessary. It was more likely the mysql gem that was causing the problems.

So far, I have only found one bug which I logged at the trac site. The bug has to do with tagging and the comma seperator. It’s reading spaces in phrases as a seperator.

Other than that, it looks like 4.0 will be a nice upgrade. My only other wish is some sort of trackback spam protection. Maybe Trojan will make one.