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Recipe Forum Has an Opinion

I noticed that the “Rails Recipes” forum for discussions on this excellent book is using Opinion, a ruby on rails based forum which has been developed with a new twist on forum software.

Opinion is a Ruby on Rails based Forum system that tries to approximate a “blog comment” system rather than imitating busy and noisy traditional forum solutions that already exist.

Personally, I think this is a great step in a fresh, new direction. Traditional forums should be following a more social approach these days.


  • User management system
  • Web services for users from external applications to remote login
  • Gravatar Support
  • Ajax for posting and administration
  • Ability to flag posts (sticky, important, closed)
  • Textile filter for messages with on demand help and preview function
  • Different Userlevel support (Normal Users, Moderators, Administrators, Super User)
  • Administration Toolbar for easy and fast topic management
  • Password request and cookies
  • RSS Feeds for each category and for each topic
  • Search engine


  • “Inspired by” system to link comments to certain other comments (creating a chain of thought) or Threading
  • More administrative features
  • Cosmetic changes (spinner, unread posts)
  • Fixing Timezones
  • Optional anonymous posts setting per Area

Sites using Opinion