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IE7, Typo & the

For everyone out there running IE7 beta, the <UL> tag is causing articles to grow inside typo templates causing scroll bars to appear. This can be seen when using the orgami template. The extra size in very small but is just enough to make the bars appear. I will add a list in this example to show to end result. Hopefully microsoft will fix this bug before release since no other browsers, including IE6, have this problem. If you wish to run test to tests with both ie6 and ie7 and don’t have virtualpc, there is a way to run ie7 as a standalone app.

UPDATE: IE7 beta 2will be refreshed this week, not like that’s all that big of an update, but the important part is the rendering engine is finalized so this bug should dissappear as of the end of the week. let’s keep our fingers crossed. Maybe they’ll actually by web 2.0 & css2 compliant now.. rofl :)

NOTE: You will only see scroll bars here in IE7

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