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Would you like to share your knowledge and experience with other developers and designers? No problem. You are invited to submit your work to our offices and join our team of experts.

We love sharing knowledge to those who are willing to learn more about web design and web development – that is what 20 Seven is all about. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to educate and inform your peers, follow the submission instructions below and become part of the 20 Seven team today.

If you have work that is ready to be published, you can send our editor an email with your work attached. Here are things to keep in mind before hitting the send button:

1. We only accept original work that is not published on other sites.
2. Work submitted must be written in plain and simple terms for everyone to understand.
3. Articles’ word counts should be limited to 1 000 words.
4. Your work should be written in a professional, yet friendly voice.
5. You have to proofread and check your work before sending it through to us.
6. Stick to the topics we cover on 20 Seven’s blog. If you don’t, your article should at least cover a topic that ties in with web design and web development.
7. Articles must be informative and interesting if you don’t have the first-hand experience, we expect you to do research on the topic.

Once you have checked your work, compiled your email and sent it, it should take up to 2 weeks to get feedback from our editor.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your informative article.