Make Your Website Stand Out With These Simple Tweaks

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Last Updated: 08/06/2019

Not getting enough page views or visitors? Is your click-through rate abnormally high? You should probably start looking at ways to attract visitors and keep them engaged for longer, or get them to your site in the first place. Not to worry, we can help you with that.

Here, we take a look at 5 easy ways you will be able to make your website ‘pop’ and stand out from the crowd. Simply look at the factors we have listed below, see if you can try to tweak it a little bit, and Bob’s your uncle. You should be good to go.

SEO plugins

If you used a platform like WordPress, you should look into easy and simple ways to increase your SEO score to get better rankings on search engine results pages. Without implementing healthy SEO practices and strategies, you might as well throw in the towel now. Remember to include keywords and tags, meta descriptions and the like and you should be fine.


Content is a pretty big deal, whether it is for SEO purposes or for keeping your page visitors engaged and coming back. Ensure you have an active news feed with loads of unique, helpful and informative content pieces that will keep your page visitors entertained, enlightened, and coming back for more.


Having professional images, whether they are your own or whether you bought them from a site like Shutterstock, it doesn’t matter. Make sure your site has the professional look your company deserves. Have a clear-cut image that site visitors will identify with and identify straight away when they are on other platforms like Facebook.

User experience

Ensure that your site is accessible and that users can navigate it easily. Without superb user experience, you are going to have a hard time to have them coming back. If you have certain functionalities like e-commerce or a contact form, make sure users can find it and can complete the necessary details hassle-free. Making sure your website works perfectly on all devices is crucial. Jogo do Bicho’s website, Bicho 365, does this extremely well. Here’s the site’s desktop version:

jogo do bicho desktop - Make Your Website Stand Out With These Simple Tweaks

And then for mobile devices, there are several interesting responsiveness elements worth pointing out:

  • Mobile Menu: features a mobile menu, every item is collapsed inside a hamburger toggle.
  • Stacking: adapts its divs as the screen gets smaller.
  • Hidden Elements: Tables are especially tricky to work with on mobile devices, website changes the table display making it very easy for the user to capture all the important information above the fold.

jogo do bicho mobile - Make Your Website Stand Out With These Simple Tweaks


Enable users to interact with you directly on your website. Whether it is by way of leaving a comment on a blog, or an app that allows them to chat with you immediately, this is key to nurturing healthy relationships with prospective clients. Another element that is gaining a lot of traction at the moment is the integration of special effects, graphics, and animations on landing pages and the like. Consider adding this to an added ‘wow’ factor.

Getting noticed and keeping site visitors engaged is an ongoing effort. Make sure you keep your blog updated on a regular basis, respond to their interactions in a timely manner, and include your social channels on your website to make it easier for users to connect with you on their preferred platform. There are tons of simple tricks and tweaks you can apply, and most of them do not take up too much time or effort from your side.

We hope that these tips have helped you and that you will be able to get more page views and see a decrease in click-through rate in the near future. If you would like to know more about web development and web design, be sure to get in contact with one of our specialists.

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