The 5 Best Apple Aperture Cheat Sheets of 2018

PostImage The5BestAppleApertureCheatSheetsof2018 IphoneCapture - The 5 Best Apple Aperture Cheat Sheets of 2018

Not such a big fan of Adobe? No problem, if you are an iOS fanatic, simply switch to Apple’s unique photo editing program where you are able to easily edit and enhance photos, just like you would in any other photo editing program, only, way better.

Not sure how to get started? Hold onto your hat because we are about to share 5 of the very best Apple Aperture cheat sheets and resources with you. So whether you are already rocking at Apple Aperture, or only starting out, you should have no problem in creating stunning photographs.

Let’s jump right in.

This cheat sheet, aimed at ‘dummies’, or beginners, if you will, is very handy in the sense that it is packed with loads of extra information such as apps that you can use for iPhone photography apps available in the market today.

PostImage The5BestAppleApertureCheatSheetsof2018 Iphone - The 5 Best Apple Aperture Cheat Sheets of 2018

This one here is specifically from Apple and is a cheat sheet for using a DSLR Photography app. This educational app should help anyone discovering the beauty and ease of taking amazing photos with their iPhone without any hassles.

This cheat sheet is actually a wallpaper that shows all the Aperture shortcodes that you need to get down and jiggy with when you start using this photo editing software. You’ll be on your feet in no-time and be producing awesome photos with top-notch effects.

In this resource, you will find very handy tips on how to edit your iPhone landscape photos to look like it’s been taken by a professional photographer. If you want to learn more about iPhone photography in general, this is the spot you want to be. This site offers anyone with an eye and passion for photography the very best in educational material specifically geared towards iPhone and iOS users.

Another cheat sheet straight from the developer, here you will learn exactly how to merge iPhoto libraries and have your photos and albums available to anyone who wishes to have access to it. And over here, you can learn how the software takes care of photo edits done in synced albums on other platforms.

PostImage The5BestAppleApertureCheatSheetsof2018 iPhonewhite - The 5 Best Apple Aperture Cheat Sheets of 2018

Bonus tip: Navigate over to this page where you will have a wealth of Aperture-related information at your fingertips.

Even though Apple discontinued their photo editing software some time ago, those of you who purchased the software is still able to use it for your photo editing. We hope that this guide has provided you with some handy information and resources to look up for those times when you have to scratch your head not sure how to get the job done. Be sure to read our article on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom cheat sheets too, if you should consider switching over to Adobe.

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